Home Buying Broomfield, Home Selling Arvada - Case Study -

Home Buying Broomfield, Home Selling Arvada – Case Study


Yesterday was the first closing of 2023 for me.  Not all real estate deals are done quickly but having an agent that cares make sure you get it done with the results you want. Let’s go over this case study with my client’s home buying Broomfield and home Selling in Arvada.

My clients came to me in Summer of 2022 after walking into an open house and having some not so ethical dealings with an agent.

They knew me from a fun moms group I run so they gave me a call and we got working on a plan incorporating home buying Broomfield and selling a home in Arvada.

At the time they started looking for a home the market had really just started to shift.  So why there wasn’t the absolute craziness, homes were still moving.  My clients really didn’t want to sell first then risk not finding what they really wanted.

This was a special purchase as they were looking for a very specific property.  They had a specific location they wanted too.  So our focus was pretty narrow when it came to what homes they were willing to look at.

These fabulous people decided to use a bridge loan to buy first then sell second.  They weren’t quite in that window where taking a contingency on their current home was a little more common.  So, risking the home they really wanted to buy wasn’t a option.

Home Buying Broomfield

The first home we contracted on had some major issues come back at inspection.  We are talking issues that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix.  The seller really didn’t want to budge on fixing these things or the price.  So, my buyers decided to walk away.

It took a few months before some more homes that met the criteria came on the market.  Many of them needed a lot of updating.  My clients passed on these in the end, as even though they were in the perfect location, the update budget just didn’t sound fun.

Eventually we found a great home for them.  This home was an older home but had been stripped back to the studs not too long ago leaving the plumbing, electrical, sewer and other major parts of the home in great condition and up to code. Sometimes patience pays off!

The inspection issues we did bring up were minor and were fixed before my buyers purchased the home.

This family ended up getting the perfect location for them, the perfect style of home for them and a great backyard to boot.  The perfect location means a 2 minute walk to work and a very short trip to school, it also means the kids have their friends right up the street!

Selling in Arvada

Now that we had purchased a home it was time to Sell the Arvada home.  Unfortunately the market has now shifted, homes are sitting longer and negotiations with buyers are tougher.

My clients got to move into their new home before this one went on the market. No getting interrupted by showings or having to worry about people coming in and out.  We were able to move everything out, get professional cleaning done, paint touch ups and get a stager in.  Staging the older home was super important, especially as it was empty.

We were now into late October and entering into the quietest market of the year.  Consistent showings happened and we had many buyers come back twice and even three times to look. It took the new average of 30 plus days to get the offer my clients needed.

As they were now in a situation of dealing with a bridge loan and being the quietest time of year. The buyers took the at listing price offer and gave the buyer the concessions they were looking for.  The most important thing for them was to get the home sold.

Inspection items were taken care of including a new roof, which thanks to the dumping of snow towards the end of December delayed us.  We had to wait for the snow to melt and the city to be able to come out and inspect the roof.  You never know what this Denver weather will throw at you in winter.  Here is some good news though, insurance covered the cost of that roof.  Just the deductible was needed. We got it closed and now my clients could really just enjoy their new home.

It Takes a Unique Strategy

Buying and Selling at the same time no matter what the market looks like takes a strategy.  That strategy will depend on my client’s individual needs.  Every client is different, every client has different needs and want’s and I create a unique strategy based around that.  In the end we found the right home in the right location and were able to get the Arvada home sold even in the shifting market!

Thinking of buying and selling, or just buying or selling?  Let’s put a unique strategy together for you.  Book an appointment with me today HERE – We can talk over the phone, skype, or in person just book today to make that happen 🙂

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